A big muddle

A lot of beauty has surrounded me in the past few weeks. The front-yard garden is at its most precious this time of the year. Not only does the sour cherry tree bloom, there are also a lot of tulips, followed closely by columbines, but there are also the forget-me-nots, the narcissus, and a few weeds that grow faster than anything else. 


The vegetable garden is mostly in place, i.e. the soil in the beds have been prepared, the seeds sown, the purchased plants are settled in. There is another garden project that I will need to attend too – a proper herb garden built as a raised bed by the back door. In the past that area was crowded with a large number of pots, but nothing did really well in the pots. I hope that with having an actual raised bed, with adequate soil, I can create a perfect spot for all my herbs. Hubby will build the bed for me, as his woodworking skills are quite a bit above mine. 

Another big project will be to get our back room organized. Our house is the only one on the street that has a little 6' x 6' room built onto the back of the house. It is not heated, and for some magic reason always ends up full of stuff. About twice a year I take everything out, re-organize it and think that this time we will keep it that way. Well, it hasn't worked out in 6 years, so now is time for a much larger change. Maybe some new shelves, and labels on them (to help the males in this house to keep it organized (grrrrrr)….

My finger is healing too, and I am now allowed to take the cast off for part of the day. I have to be very careful though, as it is so easy to bump the poor digit against something and wow, that hurts A LOT. With these improvements though and with a few birthdays out of the way by the end of this week, I am setting time aside from painting to work on a series of dolls again.

There is also the matter of this blog… I am deeply sorry to have neglected it, and instead of giving you all kinds of excuses, as to why, I will instead just accept the fact that I tend to be a seasonal blogger. Spring is too busy to do it regularly, but by summer things pick up again, and I get back on the ball. (If I can only find it. It's probably somewhere in the back room…)

Enjoy your day!



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