Acorn Hats

Whenever I get ready for a show, I do some panic knitting. I sit in the studio and all I do is knit, while starring at the work that needs to get done. I rough myself together enough to work in short bursts of energy and somehow manage to accomplish all tasks, with the nice side effect of a piece of finished knitting as well. For last years solo show at the Towne Square Gallery in Oakville, I knitted a triangular shawl for the opening knight out of Habu Yarns A-60 in slate gray to coordinate with my outfit for the night. 

For this years show at the Magic Door Gallery, I knit these hats:



I love this one, okay, my bra strap should not show, for a fact, I should be wearing more than a tank top while modeling a winter hat, however, I was in the middle of making quince jelly when inspiration struck me to do this entry. I think DH can really be seen in Huxleys face in this picture, also, he has such a grown-up expression that it's hard not to see him as the teenager he'll be in about 10 years. 

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, doubled, colourway 203 A. Left over from a cardigan that needs finishing touches, such as blocking and closures (stay tuned, I'm getting ready for a big finishing party). I can't say how much yarn I used for Huxley's hat, as I used little extra balls, for mine I used two balls. Cast on 80 stitches (mine, 60 stitches for Huxley's), did 10 rows of 2/2 rib, then Knit straight until when I put the knitting on my head I could feel that it had gone over the curve of the top of my hat) then knit 8, knit the next two together, put 2 full rounds in between, knit 7, knit the next two together, put 2 full rounds in between, knit 6, etc…. until I was at the tip. I wanted the hats to look like upside-down acorns. If you are interested to have the exact pattern, leave me a comment and I'll do some row counting.

Talking about looking older… how about with this haircut…. As he stated, we go very short in spring and in the fall, then we let it grow again. I didn't want to cut it off, but he insisted. For those of you who have known him since baby-hood, the darkening of his hair is very apparent in this shot. 

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