Airplane wings

Sitting on Bobby, arms out stretched, sun in their eyes, temperatures of minus 16 plus a windchill making it more like minus 29 or so. No sattle, getting connected with the movement of the horse. Whatever can be felt through up-teen layers of clothing. Happiness in their faces. Primo nipping Bobby's behind, bobby kicking up his legs, both children sliding off, landing in a soft mount of hay. Me giving Huxley's cousin a high-five for her first fall of a horse. Her laughing and saying "that was fun, can I do it again". Fear conquered! I'm proud.


My ride was wonderful. I really am a winter rider. Never mind that my fingers turned red and stiff when I was tacking up. Walking and trotting through amongst the heavy branches of snow in the woods, a fast gallop with the cold freezing the moisture in one nostril, a gentle, slow gallop amongst the trees. Oh, heaven. And to think that some people think that winter is not for riding. Winter wonderland. I love it.

Later, in the car, we saw a "herd" (yes I know it's called a flock" of wild turkeys. So much more beautiful than the weird creatures breed for food. 

Today at home, I'm finishing knitted goodies. I sewed in ends on a quivit mobius. I washed it and not it's hanging on the washing stand. It will be glorious to wear in the cold.. 

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