And so it’s come to pass

Well, as they say, all good things have to end sometime….


The tree, gone, to the curb, sad and alone, cold, very cold. 

Just like we where until this afternoon, when DH suggested I pick up a new filter for the furnace, and after installing it, our temperatures INSIDE the house went from 13 degrees back up to 21, that is Celsius. Wow, what a difference these measly 8 degrees made. 

I've been productive and have taken photos for a tutorial I will show in February. I've also realized, that many things will be shown once Pam has received her BackTack package, as it is full of my efforts of the past weeks. 

In large part because of the cold in the house, the severe cold outside and the errands that had to be run this week, I'm still not all packed up. Tomorrow, Huxley has a play date, then I have a doctors appointment, but the good thing about this is that I will be able to leave the house alone, so can get the one last thing I need to get into that package. On Saturday, I wanted to go riding and picking up the refrigerator that my mom-in-law gave us for Christmas, but I need to wait one more week, as I just have to catch up with work at home… dope… talking about work… better quickly go and get the bread into the oven.. 

Okay, it's rising now for the second time.

Now, what was I going to blog about? Oh, this is the essence of my life, the interruptions, the lack of focus. I was wondering today, if it has to do with motherhood and working, or if it is simply because I'm over 40. What has been your experience?

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