And then I realized something….

After fretting at the studio over the show that I will participate in, and for which set-up is on Thursday am, I realized that somewhere deep within me there is even after all these years and experience, still the little me that is frightened. So this little me is going to give herself a break from pressure and will officially state that yes, there is stage fright! 

Also, a lot of work still needs to be done and I need to focus on this work until after the show. Without a promising away my first-born son, I will promise to try and blog on Friday am to let you all know how opening night went. However, should life get the better of me, I will by the latest write you all be next week, after the show is done, Huxley is back at school and I have had a day of rest. 

Have I mentioned that Huxley has two weeks of March break, and that he is deemed too young by his school to attend a March-break camp, and hence I've had to have him tag along to most of my errands with me? Blessings counted where blessings are due… DH works from home, so I've had some time without involving Huxley.

Here a piece of work that will be on display at the show:


"Blessing the Sacred Vessel" 48" x 36"

Will I see you at the show?

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