Eve’s Temptation

I wonder how she could have only picked one, when they are all so beautiful (and darn tasty).


That's what I did anyway (actually, due to time pressure we didn't do all our own picking, but we had them picked for us, fresh and ready to go. It's 3 plus bushels of Gala, Snow, Russet, Silken Peak and Mintsu. To put up for winter, to give to my dear neighbour and my friends who don't have a car to go themselves. 


Sitting on the kitchen floor is the stash. I also have about 7 liters of sauce waiting to be reheated and jarred. 

It was a beautiful Thursday, we had taken a drive to see Huxley's grandparents in Brighton together with my cousin Heidi and Pesche visiting from Switzerland. The weather was going to be dreary and drizzly, but I think mother nature made it up to me for working on Thanksgiving by giving us glorious sunshine instead and beautiful glowing leafs. 

We were rushed though, as we had to be back in town for a presentation by Elinor Peace Bailey at the Toronto Needlework Festival. Elinor talked in detail about our craft blogging community and how it is a strengthening factor for us all. There was a lot of show and tell, and even though that was enjoyable, I wished she would have shared more about her inspiration and the way she gets to do her creative work. She has a huge family and it would have been so interesting to hear more about her path in life and how she got to being able to find so much time to work and produce her pieces. 

At the show, I stuck to my budget and only got the things I planned to get, except 14 copies of the issue of Fiberarts magazine that features my work. For client giveaways. Marketing, one can never think enough about that. 

I also met with Jay and Joan of the Magic Door gallery on Sunday and they picked the works for the show. Sneak-peaks of the show will be posted next. 

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