Glances around…

the studio:


Two details from painting I've just finished. The complete image will be on my invitation for the Solo show that is opening on October 25th (have I mentioned yet, that I'm totally panicked about this?)

Another finished piece for the show, except it will need the varnish still


Detail of the Vancouver client commission. I am exceptionally pleased on how this worked out. 


The packaging for the Vancouver piece…. for once an excellent macro picture that my not so macro-enthusiastic camera took. This is of course the corrugated cardboard.


and may I unveil, here is the newest abstract colours that I'm working with. I don't even have the words to describe the bottom/right-hand colour, but I am so silly pleased about it. 
I do have more pictures to show, namely fibre related goodies that are simultaneously happening with the painting, but I will save that for another day soon. 

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