Yesterday, I threw out one of Huxley's toys. A horse jumping obstacle from a set he received. Plastic. Extremely difficult to put together. Frustrating. Causing tears. This all first thing in the morning. A morning when I had gotten up and actually taken the time to do my hair as I had a rare business meeting. Later at the studio, I felt sad about Huxley's tears over the loss of the toy. But I know that he needs to learn that sometimes we are better off without the frustrating things of life. Of course, at his age, it is about something of his taken away.

Then an inspiration, a brain-flash, a trip to the hardware store on the way home from school, an excited little boy with a big smile and big plans. Three dowels, some hooks and screws. During his nap I cut the wood on the table saw. My niece coming over, joining in the fun. Sitting at the kitchen table, sanding blocks of wood, putting in hooks and screws. 

Result, two children playing happily for almost 2 hours. Me, cooking dinner and feeling the day has ended very good.

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