More Squirreling


Twenty-seven half-liter jars of pears (some sliced, some half) and nine 250 ml jars of pear-orange butter. 

The pears will be combined with chocolate pudding/warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream on those days that we wish to have a sumptuous dessert, or they will serve as our servings of fruit, together with the peaches I did a month or so ago. 

Last year I purchased one flat of pears, but waited a couple of days too long to process them, so they all ended up as pear butter. This year, I purchased 2 flats and immediately processed 2 baskets for the butter. I added no sugar at all, but the juice and rind of one orange. The taste of it is a bit overwhelming for the pears, so next year, I'll be going back to all pears. On fresh challah bread (or Zopf for us swissies), with butter, oh, it's pure heaven.

The kitchen floors stickiness has been cleaned as well and after thoroughly enjoying Huxleys' company during the earlier work of peeling and cutting the fruit, I will lay myself down for a good nights sleep. Unfortunately I will be missing the Thanksgiving Meal at DH's parents, as I have to take a whole day to paint for the show. But such is life, one pleasure over another. 

On my ears these past days was "Brisinger" by Christopher Paolini. Oh, how I covet to own and fly with a dragon. I tuned out through the gory battle scenes, but love the notion of this fantasy land. 

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