not human babies… 


My mother-in-laws' newest set of babies… Newfoundland's. After they nurse with their mother, they each get a little bit of extra and i had the privilege to be there for one nursing and got to give each 2 day old baby a bottle for a bit. So sweet. Amazing how big they grow. 


I also did some more hanging out with the horses… took Abby for a ride, but the snow was so crusty on top yet not frozen enough, that it was a very bumpy ride. At one time, Abby didn't want to obey me and she actually stomped her foot on the ground. Very expressive, yet after dealing with a little boy that can be very expressive when he doesn't want to do something, this had little effect on me. 

Caveat and Primo waiting for more dried bread. 

This is something we always did in Switzerland, dry bread and feed it to either the ducks and swans in Rapperswil by the lake, or to the horses when we went riding. The horses here were very hesitant the first few times I showed up with dried bread, now they crowd me for it. Yikes! was so cute, right after feeding her the first piece, she gave me one of those beautiful all teeth-bearing horsey-grins. I also gave each a couple of cubes of sugar. Of course, not something we want to do often, as it is not good for their teeth. 

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