Olive Sparrow Children looking for their forever families

All through the fall I have quietly and not so quietly been working on a variety of Olive Sparrow Children to be offered at the fairs I was booked for and have talked about on this here blog.

Quite a number of dolls have found their forever homes. Some of them being finished the night before a fair and never even having had their picture taken. This is sad of course, however, such is the life of a doll maker.

I love selling my dolls in person, chatting to the person who is deciding who to take into their family – hearing from them about the special child that will be playing with the doll, sharing stories about the creation of the doll, discussing all manner of imaginative play – seeing a connection made. However, I always attempt to also make some dolls to be sold online – to let some of my children fly far, far into the world, to have adventures far away from here (or maybe not – but to be found by families that might not have known about the fairs, the Olive Sparrow or even waldorf inspired dolls.

So the time came last week that all the rowdy, mischievous dolls still here with me came for a sitting-pretty photo session to my studio. Most of them were absolutely amazing in how still they sat so that even under low light conditions (we took the pictures late in the day), we had perfect pictures. Some of them though, were just too full of beans to sit still enough, so I will have to take a few more select pictures tomorrow.

I have decided to let you know now, that all some of the dolls are now listed in the Olive Sparrow Etsy shop here.

Sometime tomorrow, as I have time, I will add the listings for the other dolls. 

Here is a little sneak peak at the 3 outstanding dolls.


Baby Bee 20 cm / almost 8"



Lizzy – 38 cm / 15"


Elsie 48 cm / 19"


If you have any questions about the dolls, please e-mail me.

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