Season’s Exchange

After being extremely excited to have found the Season's Round Exchange and signing up, I was completely and utterly railroaded by life and only managed to send off my package to the lovely, patient and understanding Christine this past Tuesday, I wanted to at least post the baggies I sent to her filled with our treasures.


Christine had already sent her package to us on time and we're very much enjoying our newly resurected nature table. I had quite a nice set-up for last winter, but then it just sat there, until I eventually put a silk over the whole scene to hid the disgrace. The Season's Exchange package gave me the incentive I needed to clean it up. Mother Earth even got a new shawl knitted that she will be wearing in a couple of weeks when it is getting much colder. 


Packaged so lovely


 The little "prezzies" as they are known in our home


The mushroom girl, felted acorns, little pinecones in a locally hand-made bown, antique german "fliegenpilze" (Christine, how did you know I've been dreaming of these?), some beautiful piece of bark with moss and "tree-algea", and the sweetest little needle felted fliegenpilz.

Thank you again Christine! 


The set up of our nature table.

Do you keep a nature table at your home? Do you let your children play with it?

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