The Day After


Cleaning, shopping, cooking, family, festooning, breakfast in bed (brought to us by Huxley), two nights in a row up until 2:30 am, Santa eating his cookies, gifts wrapped, gifts unwrapped, dinning room decorated, flowers on the table, the cat almost catching the hamster, home-canned pears with chocolate sauce and ice cream and whipping cream, a large snowman built and now melted, my mothers 50 year-old wedding dishes used, gifts of love and fun for everyone, a new camera for me, 15 pairs of socks for DH, Santa visited, hugs and kisses, an allergy reaction by DH to the fibres of the linen from the couch (the only downer, and something we must change).

Today driving to DH's parents, lunch, stockings, white elephant gifts. Then to the farm and the horses, a raclette dinner, a sleepover with a 15 foot tree, real candles, riding, visiting, coming home.


Enjoy the festive season.

Thank you for stopping bye, for reading, for participating, for inspiring.

Love and Peace to Y'all!

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