Sharing Love

Happy Day of Lovin' Everyone…



Being grateful for love received and always, ah, always trying my best to give as good as I get:

Romantic Love

Motherly Love

Friendship Love

Platonic Love

Sexy Love

Nourising Love

Neighbourly Love

Creative Love

Natural Love

Silly Love

Happy Love

Bittersweet Love

Unrequited Love

Animal Love


Filling my life and the world with Love. Today it's easy, the rest of the year working damn hard at it….

        "Wer nehmen mehr als Geben liebt, verkennt was Sinn dem Leben gibt"

(Text on a Gingerbread heart I received as a child. Probably not for Valentines' Day, as it was not a celebrated day in Switzerland during my upbringing. Means roughly: If you prefer to take rather than give, you miss the purpose of Life.)


Little hearts knitted from free pattern: (please check back later, I can't find the link right now, but will keep looking)

Here is the pattern from Berroco