Bouncing around in the middle of nature


Rise when it is still dark; clean up living room; eat breakfast; fit into special pants I've had since 16(!) — yes, they are very stretchy; say goodbye to daddy; drive for 150 km; be welcomed by Lucy, Tonka and Hope, and their humans; go to the paddock with a bowl of apples; feed the lovely beasties, Abby, Yikes, Primo, Nina, Cavenaut, Gravko, Bobby and Donkey; check out the pot-bellied piggy; put Huxley on Donkey's back; seeing my little 3 foot 2 inch tall one being gently nuzzled from all sides by soft horse noses and followed around the paddock; drawing in breath deeply and smelling the horsey scent; going to the pond; across the rickety bridge; onto the island; into the small house with the old wood stove; back to the paddock; tacking up Bobby; finding a helmet for Huxley; having him mount Bobby; going for a half hour walk through the enchanted woods; running with Bobby on the lead and Huxley trotting for the first time; unsaddling Bobby and feeding him treats; driving Huxley up the street to his Grandparents; driving back to the paddock, alone; meeting Horse human; brushing and tacking up Abby; all the while falling and falling for Primo; getting on Abby's back; and then….
high above; in the arena; alone on the path in the forest; feeling like I have come home; letting the wind stroke my face; admiring the beauty of this cloudy day and all the leaves on the ground; back to the barn; legs sore; mind soaring; untacking Abby; rubbing her down; cafe and cake with her humans; back to the in-laws to pick up Huxley; Huxley sound asleep before we hit the highway; driving back home 150 km; arriving home safe; a quick dinner; a bath; sleep.

Pictures? In my heart; camera stayed home; not by choice; forgotten in the excitement. 
Repeat? Hopefully next weekend.

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