Still here…

Sorry for the quiet from this neck of the city… will do an update post in the next few days. Had a very busy few weeks getting work ready for my agent.. and getting ready for two new family members to arrive by the end of this week. 


just one little 8"x8" piece that is now with my agent.


another 8"x8" that I really love.


and something a little larger: 30" x 30"…


The Brain is on it’s way back from being blurred

Today it is one week post the big art show and I am starting to feel like I can catch my breath again.

First a bit of a recap of the show, as it is always good to review what happened.

Unfortunately there is hardly a usable image of my booth set-up. I didn’t lug the tripod to the show and it was simply too dark to make a sharp image. This corner however shows some of my new blue work. I am very excited about it, as the large piece on the right is a totally new colour group for me and it took me some time to work it out. It still does not flow of the brushes as easily as the red grouping does, but that is natural, as I have been working in the reds for about 5 years not. It wouldn’t be right for it to be so easy.

The set-up went without much hitches, except for the fact that I was originally supposed to set up at 3:30 pm and it really does take me 6 hours to get the booth up, and then another about 4 hours to hang the paintings. After liasioning with the organizer, I was able to move in at 9:30 am and with the help of Richard, James and Sonya it went smoothly. I left at 8pm feeling exhausted, but very pleased on how it all looked.

I had managed to finish 42 pieces of work for the show and also managed to fit them all into the car along with the booth. Thirty-two of the pieces where 24 x 24 inches and smaller, with a large number of works 16″ x 16″. Because there where so many different sizes of works, it made the hanging very challenging. One of my fellow exhibitors told me that she made print-outs of all her pieces, constructed a little model of the booth and test-hung her pieces. Her husband then was given this model and she went for a walk-about at the show during set-up. I should try this on for size (grin)… means I’ve gotta be more organized though.

The show itself was very successful. I sold 19 pieces during the show days and another 2 pieces for follow-up. I had three leads for commissions, of which I now know that one won’t be a go, one looks very promising, the other one I don’t know yet at all.

The first two weeks after the show I spend cleaning up the studio and getting back into the swing of things. I’ve ordered new paints, planned a new bunch of work and am finishing off some touch-ups on older pieces that have found their way back to the studio.

Blessed girl I am! I’m so thankful for the success that I’ve been given again at this show. However, I’ve decided, that next year I will take a break from the show and do the New York Art Fair instead. Gotta go and get myself some US&A representation, i.e. galleries.