Cleanliness is a good thing…

Today is the day that I am getting my sewing studio back into a semblance of order and workability! Wish me luck (for not stepping on any errant pins), and perseverance (for staying with the job instead of getting side-tracked with a spur of the moment project)…

When I stopped working on Olive Sparrow goodness just before the holidays the sewing room had entered a catastrophic state – this is not unusual for the busyness the ensues in the 3 months leading up to the holidays. After a few last minute gifts for friends and family (all undocumented do to their JIT production schedule), it was time to relax and enjoy the festivities. Then there was that week we pretend that didn't happen between the end of last year and January 9th, which I designated as the official start of the new year for me. (that week was plain evil and I have decided it never happened!). 

Last week I was busy getting a painting ready for a client in Kingston, saddly missed her leaving for an extended winter down-south by a day, but was still able to deliver it to her home (300km's away one way) on Monday thanks to the generosity of her cleaning lady that helped me hang it.

Going to Kingston was a good trip though, as I had a chance to pop into their Chez VV thrift store on a day where I got 50% off. This always means that I stock up on lovely clothes to turn into dolly-goodies, and goodies I got this time. On the long drive back home there were many a great idea and inspiration swirling through my head – of course, these ideas will not come to fruition overnight, but the seeds have been firmly sewn. Lets see how they grow.

In the weeks ahead I am planning to list a few other dolls into my Etsy store, as well as redesigning the pattern of my 35cm doll. I also have plans for a much smaller doll, as well as a life-sized baby doll – all my own patterns. There will also be listings of doll clothes coming up. I am currently working out the most efficient way to photograph and document them. One thing that adds to the price of goods sold on Etsy is that if they are one-of-a-kind items, they take a lot of time for photography, processing the images, writing the descriptions, calculating postage, managing them in the store, etc. So I need to spend some time up front on making the process more efficient – otherwise I would have to pass those costs on to my clients, which I'd rather not have to do. 

This year will be full of plans and new ventures – I'm sure the ride will be bumpy at times, but I hope you'll come along for it… It's sure to never get boring!

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