Fibrous Nurishment

A bit of puttering for my soul.


For a scarf for me, inspired by Stephanie's excitement and originally from Brooklyntweed. I was very disappointed though, as I wanted to make a scarf to match the acorn hats I knit for Huxley and I, but could not find colourway 203 anywhere at the Knittingstore. Actually, they had no colours in regular silk garden that appealed to me. So, I knit one scarf out of colours 10 and 7 in Silk Garden Chunky, but the one out of 2 and 10 will be for me (I think I might also have mixed up some of the taggies… the red is definitely number 2, but the other one might be a number 8. I'm not knitting it exactly as the others did. For one, I only cast on 31 stitches, for another, I'm doing a moss stitch on the one for me, a texture that I like a lot more, but I'm also thinking that I might need to go and purchase another 2 balls, as I would love to have this scarf be very long.

This I did for the Winterfair at our Waldorfschool this Saturday:

Don't want to give them all away though, as some I will sell at the party I'm attending next weekend. 

If you are interested to attend, send me an e-mail and I will send you an invitation with the details. 

Also, one or two will become Christmas gifts and swap gifts as well. Huxley of course had first pick and choose one that I like too. Oh, yeah, there was also number 19, a quite different little number that I'm now doing some straight stitch embroidery on and that will be mine, all mine…. 19 bags in one day, not bad.. but it also meant that I didn't make it to the studio to work on paintings. Went there today though and painted some backgrounds, laminated some old portaging maps to some other panels and generally got myself excited in the next series of vessels, i.e. boats, i.e. canoes, i.e. boats. Most to go to the Galleries in Whistler, Vancouver and hopefully also some to stay in Toronto. All in all there will be about 14 pieces of work forthcoming. 

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