Harey Business

Not for easter, so not way behind schedule, yet so pleased to having gotten this done together with Huxley.




 Project notes:

Bunny hutch from the dollar store (sorry, but that big "M" craft store was selling these for almost $5, I got this one for $1). The bunnies and the hare are by Schleich (although some of ours might not be available anymore.

Needle felted lettuce, mega carrot (with a little bit of wet felting to make it less hairy) and water bowl – made by me.

Needle felted straw hutch insert and grassland including a little pond made by Huxley. 

I used a very large about 3" thick piece of upholstery foam to needle felt on. I sat right besides Huxley and instructed him very closely on how to wield the dangerous tool. 

There is a constant struggle in my life of finding time to make projects with Huxley. After spending the morning at the studio (from 7 am until 10:50 am), picking him up at kindergarten, driving home, making a full lunch (which tends to be our main meal of the day, sitting down with daddy), then doing the dishes, having a snooze for 10 minutes (I get up at 5 am), while Huxley has his quiet time for about an hour, I am then ridden with guilt if I don't do my housewife duties for the whole afternoon. I need to try to set one afternoon a week aside at least where we just do something. The above project took about half an hour to make. So it is definitely doable. 

Hop, hop, hop…..

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