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I’m here (again). Last time I set one of these babies up was under the heading of “knittingmomma”, as that seemed to be the main thing I wanted to twitter about. That was two years and about 6 posts ago. My mind has had a lot of time absorbing many of the wonderful blogs out there and I realized that what I wanted to do was to blog about my life as a working artist, mother of a little boy, creator of many things fibre, mother to many little doll souls growing out of my hands, passionate cook and baker, amateur gardener, gatherer of information and resources.

Spending significant time on line everyday reading a lot of blogs and being inspired by them, makes me want to become an active participant of that world. I started to feel like a taker, looking, getting inspired, lurking, but not sharing back, although I do comment frequently. Our little boy, Huxley, is now three and a half years old and I’m gaining back some of the hours I used to have pre-child. I will not set myself up for disappointment by planning to post on a daily basis, but I will attempt to blog weekly, or whenever I come across something I deem worthy to twitter on about.

A bit about how I choose the name of the blog. I wanted to do something that reflected me. A sparrow, or in German (Spatz), a bird that isn’t shy to come right up to you, a very common looking fellow, not flashy, yet seems to survive everywhere (a reflection of moi).

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I love the colour green, I wear green glasses, walk around in green shoes, own a green winter parka, countless green t-shirts and even some green eyeshadow back from the 80’s. Our local Independent Grocery Association store makes a wicked green olive lemon pickle thingy that is unbelievably yummy. Those who know my artwork (check out: my website
are likely familiar with the fact that much of what I do is driven by symbols, the symbology behind the “olive branch” I love as well. The olive branch symbolizes Peace and Goodwill, something us common people are so instrumental in promoting. I also love the fact that the olive ties in with my love for cooking and all things food and vegetarian. The little bird is also a symbol for flight and I hope that it will also let me fly to all corners of the world to connect with other creative souls.

Hopefully, this post is a good opening!

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