Okay, you might at this point wonder how all this horsey-business fits in with my "Twitters from a Creative brain"… well, it does, in that everything I do feeds my creative mind… also, being an artist does not cleanly separate itself into being in the studio and creating, while I then go and live the rest of my life separately.

So, here we have some images to share

We started to call this Taka-Tuka Land, as in the Island where Pippi Longstockings dad is a pirate. In actual fact, it's an island in the pond on the farm.


Huxley's other Lucy, a little, wee doggy that loves chasing him and play-snapping at his bum.

The paddock with Nina, Primo, Abby, Bobby, Caveat and Rosco the donkey. 


Big girl Abby, the horse which has to put up with my out-of-shape riding habits. Then again, she's getting back in shape too, after a couple of years of little riding. I have more than once apologized to her today for my sorry ability to give her direction of what I like her to do. 

Primo, Bobby and Huxley

Nuzzles for the little boy playing his instrument for the horses, a private concert for sure.

Becoming friends

My favourite picture — sharing and handing on my love of the elegant four-legged friends.

In the car, arrived at home, safe, with Mommy-doggy-woof-woof kisses.

Tomorrow, there should be a thing or two of the fibrous creative efforts I'm currently engaged in.

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