It’s a madhouse

Why is it, that I thought that I could pull off a show with no stress? 


Yes, the paintings are ready, but that does not seem to mean anything right now… Huxley has one extra week of March-break of course the week before the show. So I'm trying to do all the boring stuff, such as computer work, running around looking for lights, carpets, etc. all the while feeling guilty because here he has a brake from school, yet not much fun is happening. Motherguilt should be an official word in the dictionary. 

We are also awaiting to hear if Huxley got into our favourite choice of alternative school for this fall. The telephone call will come tomorrow if it is a go, if not, we are back to square one and have to start looking again. 

So, in summary, this weeks' key words are: fretting, stressing, erranding (another new word), administrating, searching, driving, hoping.

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