Sir Lancelot meets the Devil-Witch


Pump-kin action shoot


Lancelot wondering where his Lady Guinevere of Camelot might be, so he can get away into prettier lands.

Slaying the dragon
On Guard

Looking over the lands

Spotting his lady in the crowd,
and showing how his protection spell keeps him save from the evil devil witch trying to capture his fighting spirit

but it being a US company, and there being more limited time in getting it ready, I decided to give it a shot working with the picture as inspiration. The helmet was crochet from hemp yarn. 

Pattern writing is not something I've ever done, but here is a very amateurish way of describing what I did. 

I am not a crocheter and so I don't know the terms in english. But I made a few chain stitches, closed into a circle and then put "feste Maschen" (single crochet) and increased enough stitches to create a bowl of sorts. I measured it against Huxley's head and made a straight wall down (no increases) until it reached mid-forehead on him. I then went to work in a chain stitch pattern where I made 3 chains, one single crochet into the loop from the previous row, round and round a couple of times until eye-brow level. Then I made a row of single crochet across the eyebrows and worked in rows turning it (so that the face stayed clear). The biggest challenge was the reconnecting it underneath the chin, in that I first thought I needed to add as many chain stitches as I put to rest above the eyebrows, but that proved to be too much and I only used about a third of the stitches again. Then I went back to the chain-loop pattern until I felt that the length was enough. I ended it with four rows of single crochet.

The tunic is sewed out of leather that has been collecting dust at the studio. Huxley laid onto the floor, where I traced his torso, then increased it and simply cut a triangle out for his head. I made a half-body pattern, cut that in half and cut four tops and four lower edge pieces. Sewed them together and connected the front and back only at the shoulders.

The sword holster is simply a double folded piece of leather, with a cut in it to put the sword in. 

DH constructed the shield out of canvas board, electrical wire and duct tape.

The chain-mail sweater is a chain-texture black sweater from value village, cut apart and re-sewn into a shirt that fits Huxley. Then I spray painted it silver.

How was your all hallows eve? Any ghoulish visits?

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