Summer Solstice Celebration

To mark the longest day in the year Huxley got to stay up until dark. That was always a dream of mine and at seven, he can handle it. 

I returned home from an appointment at 9pm, at which time we took a blanket out into the backyard with a bowl of fresh local strawberries, some yogurt and honey drizzles. The mosquitos promptly chased us to the front porch, where they don't like to hang out. 

As the light changed to that wondrous summer-evening dusk quality we decided to go for a walk through what is referred to as the dog-park in our neighbourhood. We did not meet any dogs, but we discussed how in the olden days this day was often considered the day of the fairies. Huxley said that was silly, as there are no such things. On our walk, we passed through a collection of trees, crossing a little bridge (although there is no water underneath it) and we paused there. Looking into the very dark woods, I got Huxley thinking about the darkness and how without street lights it would be easy to imagine that fairies move among the trees.

Our walk took us through the playground too, where we stopped for a bit of time on the swings. The sky darkened, but it was still not really dark (living in the city procludes that). Returning home, we each litt up sparkling candles in lieu of having a bonefire. 

Now the days will get shorter again. Knowing this makes my soul feel a bit on the heavy side, yet working in the garden and having summer vacation ahead of us lightens that feeling.

Did you mark the Solstice?

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