Olive Sparrow Child Profile: Amanda

The new year is already in full swing in these parts. Before I am again way out of sync with its documentation, here are images of custom Olive Sparrow Children that I created for holiday gifts. 

First in line and very eager for you to get to know her is Amanda, also known as Amy. 


Amy is 45 cm tall and a very smart, inquisitive little girl. 


She loves butterflies and even has a butterfly hair clip that she proudly wears in her hand-dyed hair. 


Her pinafore is reversible (flowers on one side, dots and stripes on the other side) and she wears a lilac, sateen tunic underneath, as well as purple capri pants. The wool for her hat was dyed with kool-aid and has a fun knot on top. 


Her booties are made from the softest cotton fleece fabric and she likes to wear them on the large side so that she can wriggle her toes. She told me that she her biggest dream is to one day go with her new big sister J. to France. I think she already looks the part of a little french girl. 

Each doll is made up of the following materials.
Skin: 100% cotton (Swiss-made to Öko-Tex-Standard 100)
Stuffing 100% “green-processed” wool batt
Hair: 100% Wool, or a Mohair/Wool Blend
Clothing: 100% natural fibres (linen, cotton, silk)
Shoes: Recycled felted wool sweaters, or pure leather
Face: 100% cotton Embroidery Thread

Each doll is created individually by artist Monika Aebischer, the proprietor of The Olive Sparrow. She sources and uses only the highest quality materials in her creations – swiss-made skin fabric, north-eastern-Ontario green processed wool stuffing, her own hand-dyed wool/mohair for the dolls hair.

She uses up-cycled vintage and clothing fabrics, in either pure linen, cotton or silk. Up-cycled fabric is wonderful for doll clothes, as the cloth has been washed soft, gentle and free of textile manufacturing products. Monika also felts used woolen sweaters to use for doll shoes and clothing. She knits the doll’s hats out of prime quality knitting wool. Each seam on the doll’s body is sewn twice to allow your child to fiercely love their Olive Sparrow Child. Clothing is sewn with French seams and some are fully reversible. 

All Olive Sparrow Children’s hair is made from a crochet cap that is sewn to the head, allowing for replacement should it ever become necessary (although most children will object to this, as it changes their doll dramatically). The hair of each doll is made from wool or mohair yarns.