There will be busy workings

This past week I was accepted to exhibit my wares at two wonderful Waldorf Schools near Toronto. The Toronto Waldorf School in Richmond Hill and the Trillium Waldorf School in Guelph.

The dates are as follows:

November 19th from 9 am until 6pm I will be at the Toronto Waldorf School Arts and Crafts Fair at the Toronto Waldorf School. This is a juried exhibition and I am elated to be taking part. 

November 25th from 7 pm – 11 pm at the Cranberry Market at the Trillium Waldorf School in Guelph (a little note: there is another established doll vendor at the show, so my Olive Sparrow Children will stay home that day – so my booth will instead have new crowns, playsilks, felted finger puppets and small posable dolls available).

I am also still awaiting on confirmation on a few other places where you might be able to see me in the fall. I will post details when the time is closer.

So the fingers and heart will be busy this fall. 




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