Was there a weekend just now?

Wow… that went just too fast… another week/end come and gone. On Saturday we went to our CSA for their picnic and Huxley had a hoot in the vegetable field paths together with his oldest friend Andreas. He is a mere 6 weeks older than Huxley and his mom and I were hanging out throughout our pregnancy. His dad is Swiss too, so we went to the farm and gave the boys the experience in swiss german. 

This is just a shorty, as I'm on the way to the studio, but didn't want to miss the chance to post a picture of the boys talking with Farmer Alvaro. 


We ate ground cherries, something I had never experienced before and will try to see if I can grow it in my own backyard. 

At home, the tomatoes came off the plants yesterday, so tonight we will have some green-fried ones while I will bubble another batch of sauce to put up. This is the week where the weather will turn, as the forecast really shows just that. Summer was too short, but at least we had september to be warm still. 

The Hoöpla! show was a great success, with lots of hand-tingling work to be done before and after the show. My new business cards for the Olive Sparrow are now in circulation, the blankets have been seen by over 350 people and the playsilks have already substantially diminished in inventory. 

The next post will be images of the finished blankets, but right now I'm putting on my breakfast table setting hat, then the painting hat for the studio. 

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