The Olive Sparrow is your Toronto source for Waldorf dollmaking and felting supplies.

Currently, we are open by appointment only. More regular hours are in the works.

Please contact us for a visit:

Phone: 416.504.3665,
Text: 416.885.0334

For your convenience and to avoid shipping costs, there are two pick-up locations King Street West/Bathurst Street – this is the studio/store (easy access of the Gardiner Expressway) or Donlands/Danforth (pick-up only) (5 min. walk from Donlands Subway Station). We are also able to arrange for pick-ups in Brighton, Ont and Lowville/Burlington/Milton on a regular basis.

For in-store payment, we accept Visa, MC, Cash

Doll making Supplies:


Doll skin from Switzerland:
Lighter weight (interlock)
55”/140 cm wide.   $22.50/50cm taxes included
Heavier Weight (Single Jersey)
64”/165cm wide  $30/50 cm taxes included —
Tubular Gaze (to make head)
Gauze tubing
different sizes available from 5/8 to 2 5/8″
Extra-long doll making needles $6.75 (HST incl)

Wool stuffing

(also used as core wool)
Super clean by batt– (German Wool) Whole batt =1+kg (35 oz. /2.2 lbs) $44/kg (49.70 inc. HST)
Per oz  $1.40/$1.60 (incl HST)
Per lb  $22/$25 (incl HST)
Per Gram  $0.05 / 0.06 (incl HST)


Felting Supplies:

Needlefelting needles

Wiz Pick Needle-Felting Needles

Individual Needles (plus HST)

lime  32 3x3x3 3.5  $1.80
green  36 3x3x3 3  $1.80
pink  32 3x3x0 3  $1.80
red  36 2x2x2x2 3  $2.50
mauve  36 2x2x2 3.5  $1.80
burgundy  38 2x2x2 3.5  $2.10
peach  38 2x2x2x2 3  $2.50
brown  40 3x3x3 3  $2.10
cream  40 2x2x2 3.5  $2.10
yellow  40 2x2x2 3.5  $2.10
gold  40 3x3x0 3  $2.10
orange  40 2x2x2 3  $2.10
white  42 2x2x2 3  $2.50
grey  42 1x1x1 3  $2.50
blue  32 8x0x0 3  $2.10
aqua  40 6x0x0 3  $2.50


Beginners Felting Needles  $12.80 (plus HST)
(lime, red, burgundy, brown, yellow, orange)
All Felting Needles (16 pcs)  $27.00 (plus HST)
All-Purpose Needle-Felting Needle  $1.50 (plus HST)
Reverse Felting Needles 32 and 40 gauge (set’s of 1/each $4.00 (HST incl)

Wooden Needle holder (fits 6 needles) – made in Germany,  $19.50 (plus HST)
Wooden Needle holder (fits 9 needles) – made in Germany, $26.50 (plus HST)

Needle-Felting Kits

Kits for $25

Wet-Felting Tools

Ballbrauser   $21.00 ($24.50 incl HST)
Felting Mouse (Special Order)  $45.00

Felting Wool (available in many colours):

16 micron roving white only $ 7.00/50gr.
18 micron merino roving $5.00 – 50grams (HST incl) More colours now in stock – from DHG (DyeHouse in Italy)
21 micron merino batt : $9.50/100gr
24 micron South American wool, dyed in Germany roving: $9.00/100gr
27 micron ecologically dyed Swiss mountain sheep $9.00/100gr
Teeswater fleece washed 16.50/50 gr (HST incl)
Teeswater locks dyed 18.50/25 grams (HST incl)
Teeswater locks separated 13.50/25 grams (HST incl)
Various other locks also in stock – please inquire.


100% Mulberry silk roving $16.50/100gr (white and colours)
100% Mulberry silk – individually dyed by Monika (various colours available)

Prefelt by the meter

$34/m — 100% wool Prefelt 19.5micron (180 cm wide – off-white – other colours per special order)
Prefelt sheets in various colours (20cm x 30cm) $3.00 each

DHG Official Reseller

100% Wool Felt

1.5mm European quality:
20×30 cm / 7.8” x 11.9”, various colours $3.50 each (incl HST)
10 sheets $32.50 (HST Incl.)
Hand dyed felt 1.5mm $5 (incl. HST)

Peg People

(prices include HST)


There are many other items available in the studio/store. Especially Waldorf and natural crafting items.
Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask!

New for 2016

Currently on order: safety animal eyes, extended selection of printed wood buttons, sparkly elastic, silk cocoons, etc.
Special Orders Welcome!

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