The Olive Sparrow is your Toronto source for Waldorf Dollmaking and Felting Supplies.

We are open online through Etsy or by appointment for in-person shopping.

Please contact:

Text/Phone: 416.504.3665 (text preferred)

Please read note for Canadian Buyers about shopping on Etsy at bottom of page.

Waldorf Doll making Supplies:


You will find all the materials needed to make a basic Waldorf doll or a Natural Fibre Art Doll — Swiss and Dutch dollskin, DollyMo doll hair, embroidery floss in eye and lip colours, 100% super clean wool stuffing, bind-off thread. 

Wool stuffing
(also used as core wool)
Super clean by batt– (German Wool) Whole batt and roving

Needle Felting Supplies:

26 types of felting needles:

Specialty needles: spiral, reverse, industrial, speed needles.

Needles are sold individually and in sets

Wool felting foam bases

Needle holder tools.

Animal eyes – premium german hand-made glass eyes

Wet-Felting Tools


Felting Wool (available in many colours):

12 micron (white only)

14.5 micron (white only)

16 micron roving colours

18 micron merino roving in over 100 colours (photo does not include all current colours in stock)

24-26 micron South American roving, dyed in Germany 

27 micron ecologically dyed Swiss mountain sheep

Maori and Maori/Bergschaf mix.

18 Micron batt

Kap Merino 

and more!

Margilan Silk Fabrics in different weights and widths

Specialty Fibres

Silks: Mulberry, Tussah, Muga
Sari Silk Waste in many colours
Pulled Silk/Silk Cloud
Flax, Seacell, Pearl, Rose, Mint, Tencel

Wool Neps 


19 Micron prefelt sheets and by the meter

Pre-felt ribbon 2.5cm wide


DHG Official Reseller

100% Wool Felt

Over 100 colours of 1.2-1.5mm100% Wool felt in sheets 20×30 cm, 40x40cm and by the meter

Hand-dyed wool Felt sheets


Other Craft supplies

Hedgehog mohair fabric

Wool felt balls

There are many other items available in the studio/store. Especially Waldorf and natural crafting items.
Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask!

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Notes for Canadian Shoppers on Etsy
If trying to check out from the Olive Sparrow on Etsy you will see a $999 shipping charge because since July 1, 2022 Etsy is refusing to allow HST registered sellers to collect ACCURATE HST/GST/PST (provincially regulated sales taxes) on orders.

They have abandoned the tax calculation tool that allowed correct taxation in the past. Their suggestion is to increase prices by 20% to include tax. However, how would that work since in Canada taxes vary by province? Although many vendors have increase their prices up to 20%, I do not think that is fair to you as you will be paying more than the cost of goods.


The only working solution I’ve found is for you to please message me with a list of items or screenshots of what you wish to purchase and I will send you a link to a custom listing on Etsy.

Shipping within Canada is generally between $12-24 — and all overages are refunded (you are only charged actual shipping costs). Larger orders will be adjusted in the custom listing. I am happy to give you a closer estimate if you send me a list of items you are considering. 


If you like to find out more about Etsy and what they are doing:…




I also recommend to my clients to contact Etsy at:…

Please share with them that eliminating their Tax Tool for HST registered vendors means that customers are not charged their correct provincial taxes.

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