Pre-Felt Ribbon.

Inspired by spools of pre-felt ribbon that I carry in the shop (made by @dhgshop), this shawl was born yesterday. Channeling inspiration from butterfly wings, stained glass windows and a hefty portion of intuitive working. I love it’s structure and softness (18 micron merino roving). It Wilmer available @peterboroughfiberfestival next Saturday.

Why Gigantico?

Extreme knitting can be done with roving. You will end up with a product that is fragile and quickly looses it’s lovely soft look.
Gigantico on the other hand is hand spun. The added twist helps the fibre to stay put.
One ball of fibre is 500grams (17.6 oz- 1.1 lb). Most yarn is sold in 50 gram hanks or balls. This is the equivalent of 10 balls of yarn by weight—at the cost of cdn$ 9.95/ball.
One ball is enough to make a wonderful cowl, a narrow scarf or the front of a pillow.
Come and get a ball or two— the cowls make gorgeous luxury Xmas gifts. And Winter is almost here!.