Workshops – 2016

The year-end festivities provided me with some much needed relaxation from the nutty season of winter fairs and craft shows, custom dolls and cookie baking for our clients. I have not listed 2016 workshops. There are some new ones: learn to make a ruffled felt scarf or felting with long locks. But I am also offering some well-loved repeats. If you have already done a workshop with me, you are welcome to book the same workshop again and make a project of your own with my guidance – let’s say you took the bag making workshop, you can book that workshop and this time make a bag that is more involved – with additional features. Each felting workshop is for only 4 students – this allows me to give you extra close attention and help you to realize your felting goal.

I am planning to offer some other workshops for later in the spring – dyeing, expandable felt and carved felt – if you would be interested in one of those, please drop me a line.


The latest 11 Doctor doll – made for a client in Australia in August 2015

I am currently spending time at the studio setting up my supplies into more of a store-like setting. I am planning on keeping “store hours” for a couple times a week starting in mid/late February – stay tuned for further notice. Keep your eyes open for an official opening notice that I will post.

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Happy creating – I am really excited about all 2016 will bring. It will be a pleasure to teach so many of you to realize your creative dreams.

Workshop Dates

I have just updated the workshop page and if you are interested in learning new skills, hop over there and see what’s on offer.

This year I plan to learn new skills myself – I have a few dreams of far-away workshops, but will likely focus on some closer to home. On my list, I put learning to hula hop, slackline, temper chocolate to make truffles and re-learn how to make a teddy bear (I made one in grade nine and still have the patterns for that bear). My husband and son are teaching themselves to juggle and I have picked up the balls and tossed them in the air – but I have a long, long way to go to be where they are at.


My huge bear Trixi and myself when I was 8 or 9. I’ve always loved my bears.

What are you hoping to learn this year?