A Record of Times Past

So I fell out of habit of posting, got lazy, lost the routine and now I hope to jump back on. The reasons are many, most of them certainly justified the lack of posts from me. Should I rattle them off? Probably not, however, let's just say that having your DH replace his computer system and needing to have yours is not conducive to posting. I can't blog without Photoshop, something I just got back now. 

So look at some images to recap these past weeks:

My booth at the Art Expo in March (with one of my booth neighbours)

About the average number of people passing by during the show (except the opening night which was packed with a large crowd. It was wonderful to see so many people that I know.

Detail with the flowers I bought for this year. I was delighted to find them (I have no idea what they are called, and neither did the florist). But the way they picked up the colours of my paintings was just wonderful).

My booth neighbour and fellow-Swiss compatriot Fung Sou
My favourite visitor (besides Huxley of course) my friend Tina with her son Henry. 
Since the show this year was a lot quieter and less busy, I was still full of pent up energy and "Tatendrang" (germ. the need to do something). My depressing kitchen had to go. These pictures don't do it full justice, but it was dark and impractical. When we moved into the house 4 years ago, we said we would redo it in a few years. Well a few have passed and we are still working on many other projects. I thought we'd just give it a new paint job. At least make it all white. Easy right…. Well….

The kitchen before (this is the last week of May)


A couple of days later… Richard had removed the bulkhead (I've always felt that a small kitchen can use any space for storage available). This of course meant that we would have to do some serious patching on the walls and ceiling. We found an old squirrel nest up there as well and a hole that lead outside. Not a new one though, but there where a bunch of nuts and even marbles (poor critters must have thought they where magic nuts).


After the paint job… oh, so much brighter….

More pictures to come… we are now painting the new baseboards, after we removed the el cheapo tiles, which meant that we also had to remove the sub-flooring right down to the original mausoleum(sadly not restorable), then install new sub-flooring and lay new stick-down tiles. At least as of last night I cooked for the first time back on my stove (vs. a set of hot plates brought home from the studio for that reason).
So a girl has to get over the disarray in her beloved kitchen by buying a new pair of shoes. These were designed for me. Or so it feels…. From El Natura Lista, these must be my most comfortable and coolest shoes ever… bought at trove  right here in town. A fabulous store with a different selection. 
Then of course we celebrated Easter, with a selection of natural dyed eggs. I used mainly purple carrot peels, onion skins and for special effect some food colouring.  The white
marks where created by tying think rubber bands around the eggs before boiling them in the colour. 


I also met with my friend Mary of Mmmh! Catering to plan the food for our wedding…


And here… a look at my friend Rima's husband Roger (another fellow Swiss connection here in town) performing at the annual play put on by the Swiss club Toronto. A very fun production. I went with Rima to serve as her translator. 


So this takes us up to April 18th, I'll get the other images done in the next couple of days and get us all up to speed. Have a wonderful day!

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