Festooning in Action

We did some festooning with the little one… but first he helped me create some wonderful "Fliegenpilze" red-white mushrooms. I made some salt-dough, we cut out the 'shrooms and today at the studio I painted them. 


I used organza ribbon that has been left over from when I did Huxley's birth announcement. I like the way mushrooms look, and I will use them as little gifts for Huxley's friends at school, and as packaging enhancements for my cookies. I also just "absolutle" adore anything with red and white polka dots and mushrooms. But it has to be bright red and clean, pristine white.


a bit of a staging with an old gocco-print of an angel, used in 2002 as a show invitation, this year, some of them reworked by my husband as his client christmas cards. (I don't think any of them read this, so I can disclose it here)


A bit more nostalgia. A 1996 or so fibreart experiment "coiling" gone wild. I'd used a wooden garland as my core and chenille yarn as my wrapping. Since then, every christmas it hangs by the door until christmas eve, when a carrot gets inserted, because, hey, I'm sure it's obvious, but it's Rudolf's feed sack!

Another art piece that only comes out for the winter season is a reverse-applique snowman picture that I did some years ago. These "Organzas" used to be part of my greeting card lines, a business that I had for about 5 years and gave up around the time when Huxley was born 4 1/2 years ago. 

Speaking of the sweet little one… by chance, I put him up against the growth chart today and noticed that last year I had happened to do it on exactly December 15th as well. He's grown 6 1/2 inches in this past year. No wonder I can stroke his hair so much easier now. 

We just returned from a Christmas tree procuring expedition now, but IKEA, where we've been getting them for the past 5 years where already sold out. I guess this year, we won't be getting a cheap one. Dang… but we never get it before now, as I insist on our tradition of putting it up on the afternoon of the 24th. So tree-searching we will go.

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