Magic in the making

So, the plan is that I show up at the studio, work or five to six hours on my paintings. Right? I think that is what has been established in my brain. Well, some of that does happen:

Four out of 16 works with canoes. Due, well, about 6 weeks ago, but finally making good progress.

Then, there is my brain, the one that does not want to focus and because there is no boss keeping me in line, and because I don't have a computer or TV (thank heavens) that keeps me distracted, I create my own diversions. Little side projects that would get me fired from any honestly paying job. Wow, I'm a lucky one… Or maybe it shows that the boss should be fired first, no wait, that would also be me…

Anyway, ramblings aside, I do travel around the world a lot, sitting on my derriere and reading blogs. Every so often a seed is sewn: from Pea Soup.  Reminding me of 3 Nuts for Cinderella from my childhod and oh still so magical. Well in the movie, it's Hazelnuts, but in my memory it's acorns. So, after finding some gold coloured yarn from a 1980's project (a sweater we shall leave in history), I thought how magical acorns are. Three magic acorns. Acorns full of magic (now there is some look-see I could do for the symbolism). So how, can anyone tell me, am I supposed to be focused on painting, when just by pure chance that gold yarn happened to be in my studio basket, together with the needles and instructions by Pea Soup? 


The beginning.. just starting it, to be finished at home tonight… 


That wasn't me that did that… 


Pretty tiny.. I did change the pattern a bit, in that I didn't do the increases for the acorn cap, as the wool is so much thicker than the gold, hence also the decreases in the cap are different. I didn't write the changes down, but I will be able to reproduce them, thanks to mother earth never making the exact thing twice.

I will make another one, where I will use the gold doubled, as I don't like how the stuffing can be seen in the nut. I will also use some needle felting to tighten the whole thing up a bit. It's a tad to soft for my taste. But I think, a worthwhile start. 

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