One of those days

It was today. I decided to not go to the studio to get things one around the house and to also get ahead with a commisison that I am working for a client. It was 10 am before I even started to create a list with the items that I wanted/needed to accomplish. It took 2 hours to get to that because the vortex called reading blogs from other people and wondering why I’m not accomplishing much, sucked me in. I also tried to make a cup of coffee. Knowing that I didn’t have milk in the house, I opted to use the cream that I purchased for the pretzels that I was also making for dinner. However, by the time the coffee had sat on my desk for two minutes the cream went off. The expiry date was August 9th. This is a strange thing that has been happening to us over the past few months. I bring stuff home that is bad, stuff goes bad way before the expiry date and I almost feel like not shopping anymore…. Can’t do that though.

So what did I get accomplished today? I made “Laugenbrötli” for the first time. That is pretzel with that nice deep brown covering on it and a nice amount of salt on top. When we where in Switzerland, we bought some of them just with butter inside and both Huxley and I loved them. So I tried to recreate that at home. They turned out quite nice. The next time though, I will use more “Natron” for the “Lauge”. Guess what I just figured out. Natron is Baking Soda… geesh, here I bought some of it in Switzerland, thinking that I just can’t find it here in Canada and meanwhile it is something that I’ve had in my cupboard all along….  I guess the next batch will be made with baking soda and I will see how they turn out. 

I also got the sketches for the client done, scanned and composed the e-mail. I contacted two of Huxley’s school friends and their parents for play dates, I reviewed the Waldorfschool papers for this coming term, I did knit a bit on the landscape Noro sweater I’ve been working on for about a year and a half, I just cleaned up the kitchen, I went to the doctor to have my elbow x-rayed and some other topics addressed, I got a present for my sister in law, who’s birthday it is tomorrow, I managed to have a nap, picked Huxley up early from daycare and accompanied daddy and him to the park for dinner (pretzel sandwiches, cucumbers and hummus dip). Now I’ve actually managed to compose another post. 

I have a whole bunch of crafty things to take pictures off and to share. I also have 21 new abstract pieces of work on the go at the studio. My solo show at the Magic Door Gallery has been confirmed with the opening taking place on October 25th between 2 pm and 5 pm. Gotta get to work! I’ve actually got a selection of pieces already on the go for the show, and I’m very excited about them. Oh, another thing I just remembered that I did today; I chose images for my promotional flyer that Richard is updating with new work. I need it for this weekend when I’m showing a few of my pieces at the Swiss National Holiday celebration. 

Here is a picture of Huxley with his hair newly shortened. He let me cut it last week and he just looks so cute. I only wanted to give him a trim, but he wanted it all short. Oh, my big boy….


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