Silken Colours

Back at art school, I fell in love. With silk, with hand stitching, with hand dyeing thin, thin silk thread-like yarn. I think in weaving terms it the number 32 is in there somewhere. I ordered a cone with about 1000 meters from Switzerland, a special silk supplier I have. Slowly, when the muse strikes me, I wind a few little hanks and dyed them in acid dyes. Then they get wound into little treasures of balls. Stored in an old cigarette box. Love of colour pure. 


Backtack, the gift will have little bits of these worked within. (Pam… does that get your mind going?)

All the Backtack goodies are assembled, but last night, when I should have packaged them, I had to go to bed by 9 pm, just after Huxley's play in the tub with Spiderman. Knowing that the temperatures where falling to -20, I wanted to be under the covers before I got too cold, and in the basement, where my sewing station is, it does get colder than usual. 

Can somebody tell me, why it is that I wake up at 4 am when I have to get up at 5 am? It is rather annoying, especially, because I can't let myself fall fully back asleep because I don't have an alarm clock, so as to not wake up DH and Huxley at the same time… then I wonder though, why I need to fall asleep the same time as a 4 1/2 year old… geesh….

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