A blink in time

March 30 was my last posting? That can not possibly be the case! However, it is what happens when we don’t have a real reason to do something. I get excited, want to do it, then wosh, time passes and out of all my good intentions is nothing, but a swish of energy that flits through my mind when I wake up or fall asleep. Guilty feelings for not living up to what I want to do.

April: A month to work on the next series of work. Booked our trip to Switzerland.
May: A cold month. Days spent in the studio. Working on the next series of work. At the end of the month, finally getting the garden in plantable shape. Sewed seeds, planted the tomatoes. Made Quilt/Blanket for Rachel.
June: A mad rush to get all kinds of things done before Huxley and I leave for Switzerland. Gardening, sewing clothes for myself. Getting goodies to bring to the old home country. Spending 2 weeks in Switzerland, reconnecting with a lot of my all-time favourite people. The first week we had only rain and cold, the second week it got sweltering hot. Huxley hurt his baby toe the day before we got back home – had to carry him, yet also got frontline service at the airport. Got back home and spend a week just getting back into the swing of Canadian time. Oh, yeah, brought back a lot of stuff, including a whole lot of felting wool. Richard turned 40, Huxley 4.Huxley-Oberhaltberg
July: Weeding, weeding, weeding. The garden looks great, the lawn looks a lot better this year than last year. Have a renegade zucchiniplant growing in the garden. This might be the year that I have plants. We haven’t seen any raccons this year, and in the past years we always saw a mother with at least 4 babies. So there is hope. Now we are back in the regular swing of things and although each week is not as regular as during the school year, we are doing good. 

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