A small herd of goats wanted…

that is they could have come in handy. I just pulled enough weeds from the vegetable plot to feed them. Before leaving on the trip to Europe I made sure to put the garden in. DH was very diligent with watering and keeping the mean critters away, weeding however, was not in his plan. We have now been back 2 weeks, and only today did I have a chance to get up early to accomplish the rough task. I will have to go through each garden bed again and get the tiny little ones. There is also the raspberry bed and the raised garden bed. Tomatoes will also have to be staked and peas need to have a climbing structure attached as well. 

I love working in the garden at the wee hours of the early morning, before the sun hits the garden beds and before the sun strikes my back. Now that the sun is out and the boys are out on a hike I will retire to the basement to clean and purge… cross your fingers for me to find lots of goodies to let go.. must clean up space and free up shelves. It will feel very freeing and liberating. At the same time, I pulled a muscle this morning while weeding and hopefully I can get everything done that I set out to do.

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