Back-Tack 4 Goodies for Pam

Since Pam has now received her Back-Tack 4 package from me finally, I can now show some of my pictures and share a bit about the goodies.

First up the Scarf. It was inspired by Pam's love for linen. I used sun printing, because as a gardener, she needs sun to make her plants grow and flourish. The patterned background is organic and wild. 

The patches are little garden beds, bringing order into the chaos of nature and concentrated bursts of colour. Some are stitched with hand dyed silk threads, the others with silver thread. The stitches are orderly rows of garden beds. 



Seeds, sprouting with flowers bursting

A bit abstract in thought and execution. I really enjoyed creating this. 

A knitted acorn, larger than the gold ones from an earlier post. This can be used as a key-chain, or to hang from a door knob, or even put onto a handbag handle. The brown yarn is hand dyed merino. 

Together with a card showing a seed in the forest sprouting. The photo was taken by DH when we first started hiking together, the photo card is part of a line of cards I used to make and sell all across Canada to fine gift and gallery shops.

And of course, a gardener, ready with big gardening shoes and gloves. Loving the growing and tending of our green friends. Executed with handmade paste papers and Gocco Print.

There was also a soap encased into a hand-felted skin. But I won't show pictures of that, as I'm working on a tutorial to be posted later in the month. 

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