Back-Tack 4 Goodies from Pam

I wish the box that Pam sent me could tell me about it's wild travels across the ocean. It came the way by land and sea. The old-fashioned way, the way of the original immigrants of this continent. I like that. Slow, a way that many things in life are made better. 

Thank you very much Pam for the lovely, thoughtful presents. 

I almost stumbled over the package as I was virtually running out the door to get an errand done before 5 pm. 


I gave it a big hug and put it aside to wait for my return.

Huxley knew that I had been waiting for it and when I asked him if he wanted to help me unpack it he inquired if it had anything in it for him. I said, I don't think so, but I bet there are things inside we can share.

But I was wrong, Pam very, very thoughtfully did include a package just for Huxley.
Milk chocolate and a fossil magnet (Pam, have you had secret conversations with Huxley?)… these goodies where bang on, as Huxley loves chocolate (being part-swiss, it's in his gens I think) and he has recently shown a great interest in dinosaurs and fossils.

Of course, there where also many wonderful things for me. A sketchbook, arrived just the day that my old one has finished (okay Pam, where's the camera you have smuggled into my house), a little note book that smells wonderful, a gorgeous mug in grey with white polka dots, glittery candles and the most delicate set of drawings on cards. Believe me, I will not use those for anything, except to hang them up. The yellow in them will look wonderful in our living room. 


Thank you very much Pam! You have hit the nail right on the head with your chosen goodies. 

PS: Huxley did give me a couple of pieces of chocolate….

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