Lucky Finds

Had a very lucky day at Chez-V V (okay it is Value Village – we say it with a french accent ouround our house – honouring hubby's french-canadian heritage).


I've been looking for a creamer for some time. We already have the "Cookie-Jar", some mugs and Huxley's special secret jar in this old Sears series. They are actually made in Canada. 

Our cookie-jar is where we keep candies and other treats in. The cookie-jar is never empty, yet because it is always here, although out of reach, it is not a big deal and sometimes weeks go by when Huxley requests nothing. 

Growing up there was a drawer in our living room that was always full of cookies and chocolate (normal for Switzerland.. giggle.. I don't know). I never craved sweets, yet knew that if I desired a little something I would not be denied. Hubby and I decided that although we eat very healthy, we would not outright deny our son his treats — all with the intention that he would not need to gorge himself on this "outlawed" food the minute he gets his own allowance. 

One could argue that it goes against our ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet, yet we talk about our choice of not needing meat in our diet, and so far he has clearly stated that he did not even want to try it. Who knows what he will do as he gets older. For now, the cookie-jar and the vegetarian diet are working for us.


The six little dwarfs.. waiting to help out at the next party.

The 6 little dwarfs. These just make me giggle.