Three new cookbooks have been added to my permanent cooking library this past week. Didn't plan it that way, alas I'm in heaven:


I still remember getting Heidi Swansons first book "Super Natural Cooking" about 3 or 4 years ago and virtually reading it cover to cover. I'm an avid follower of her blog 101 Cookbooks, and of course had to get her new book the week it came out. She did not disappoint with this follow-up book..



Plenty I saw a few weeks ago in my amazon recommendations and after a quick peek through put onto my wishlist. Didn't want to rush it… then I saw the book, leafed through it and went straight home to order it.. I already made the sweet-potato cakes (pg. 32) from it and wow.. they were absolutely delicious… I'm planning on making the cover-picture egg-plants for our easter lunch. A gorgeous book, unusual recipes and just vegetables.. 



The Blue-Chair Jam Cookbook promises to be a great inspiration during the jam-ing season. There are a lot of marmalade based recipes, with lots of citrus fruit, probably a few to many for my taste, however, the book just looks so wonderful on top of my Hoosier cabinet that I will still make many of the recipes from it. Must read it thoroughly when I have a chance, as it has lots of in-depth information on fruit cooking in general.

Yummy! yummy in my tummy!…


Here a little something we like to make:

1. Organic Hazelnut butter (or almond, macademia, walnut, peanut) (about 250 grams (half a large jar)

2. A handfull of chocolate chips (depending how chocolaty you'd like it)

3. 1 teaspoon Virgin Coconut oil (this is our magic ingredient)

Put into microwave oven for about 2 minutes (or heat in water bath on stove-top) 

Stir vigurously

Put into fridge to let set – Bingo.. homemade Hazelnut-choclate spread, also known as Nutella


Enjoy and do let me know how you like it…



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