Felted diet and a big Iceberg

I'm on a diet, the meal created late at night because I didn't have white serger thread to sew the crowns for this years Winterfair at our Waldorfschool:


At the fair, I volunteered with Jennifer doing candle dipping. She had the spur of the moment inspiration of turning our room into an ice cave, a wonderful idea of creating the basis for warm light within the caverns of frozen water. So, I headed back downtown, procured us some ice fabric in the form of japanese nylon organza. While driving I got thinking about paper snowflakes and how wonderful they would look all over the room. Back at the school, I went about finishing the decoration of the room and cutting the flakes. We both agreed, that it looked marvelous. Sadly, I didn't have the camera at night, and when it was time for takedown, the light came right into the windows, eliminating some of the effect.


The iceberg was created by hanging a large oak branch (found across the street by the parking lot) upside down and hanging lights within, then covered with blue organza and snow flakes pinned to it. 

And, how was your weekend?

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