Fliegenpilz – Amanita muscaria

Fly Agaric or simply the toadstool has held my attention since times of little me, when we had a few beautiful versions to mount on the Christmas tree every year, as well as being a sign of good luck that is on oh, so many birthday cards and well wishes in Switzerland and Germany (and maybe other places as well?

Encouraged by Pea Soup's pattern of the acorn, I thought, oh, now I can figure out how to knit one of these without trying to figure out an English knitting pattern. I learned to knit while growing up in Switzerland and to this day, 21 years after arriving in Canada, I still struggle with the knitting patterns here. This is likely in part why I haven't knitted any of the popular patterns, but rather just figure out what I want to make and write my own patterns. Which of course also means that I haven't been as experimental as I would like to be. 

Then there has been the problem of my hands. Hands that refuse to work without causing me pain and tingling. I have never been formally diagnosed with a nameable disease, however, after much, much research, I know that it is nerve damage. (A full disclosure might be posted some other time, as it is very involved). However, after a year and a half of seeing an amazing osteopath, doing almost nightly acupuncture myself and now also getting Rolfing treatments done, I was able for the first time in over 5 years to hold small (size 2) needles again, metal ones and early in the morning. 

But, let the pictures speak:


Finished with the knitting, unfinished with the embellishment and needle felting

Fertig! Finished! Finito!


From below. 

Dancing with the Acorn

 and just because it amused me to no end to take these pictures, another silly one. (psst… I used a needle to hold them together, but don't tell, 'key!)

That dancing acorn is the new one I made today, doubled the gold yarn, looks much so much better. 

Upcoming, I realized that my little knitted chipmunks have not been shown in this space before, so I'll have some fun with a photo session and will share it with you then. 

Oh, and yes, please don't eat the Toadstools, don't even touch them, they are not for eating. 

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