How to get things done


Got you, I won't tell you how to manage to get things done, because it continously eludes me.

At the studio, it is not so bad, as I can focus on what I do with minimal distractions. At home, however, that is a totally different story. 

I tend to blame my husband for always being at home that I can't focus on work that needs tending too. You see, he runs a graphic design company from his home office right upstairs. Luckily, we don't, or hardly ever get clients visiting, but still, it is a real challenge. Or at least it is to me. 

Huxley is now 4 and a half years old and most of the time he listens to not go upstairs and bug interrupt daddy when he is working, however, it does mean that I have to always be on alert when we are home. Right now, for example, DH is trying to get some extra sleep because he was working late last night, I'm trying to squeeze a blog entry in, Huxley just got frustrated with his slippers that his feet haven't gotten used to after a summer in no slippers and socks, and after my rejected offer for help zoomed upstairs, where, because of my hearing disability (I'm a bit over half deaf), I can't hear anything. So, if DH wouldn't be sleeping upstairs, I would continue what I was doing for a reasonable amount of time, but because DH is sleeping upstairs, I have to immediately interrupt what I am doing and go to check to make sure that Huxley is not waking up DH. This kind of scenario repeats itself throughout the day. There is also the feeling that I have (not by any comments that DH has ever made), that I need to be on my feet all the time because DH is working very hard and I should not be resting, which means my days stretch out. 

On the positive side, there have been so many times when I was able to run outside the house, i.e. away from home to get errands done during nap time, and DH has watched over the little one. A benefit that is not without merit and has been very much appreciated. 

When I first came from Switzerland to Canada, I worked as a nanny for 3 years. Especially in the first job that I had, my wards where 2 little boys, 6 months and 3 1/2 years of age. I was also responsible to clean the house, do the laundry for the family and get dinner started. I was home alone and seemed to have 2 hours every day while they napped to do things I wanted to do, such as knitting, sewing, reading, watching soaps (that's where I first really learned english). My day had a great rhythm and I felt relaxed. Mind you, I was but 19 years old, whereas now I'm 40. 

On the almost none existent very few occassions that DH does have a meeting away from home, I feel that a big load of weight has come off my shoulders and I can just be mom and homemaker. I seem to zoom through my tasks and get so much done. Now, of course I can't ask DH to not work from home, as that would mean he would never be home, since his hours are rather long and I do very much appreciate the effort that he puts into earning a living for the family. 

I really hope that this does not sound like I'm bitching and complaining, but I'm thinking that some of you out there might have a similar situation and have found a way to still be at peace and calm about it. Maybe it is all just in my head? 

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