It’s been a basket

full of laundry that is actually 5 baskets full… as I had to play catch up. So not much crafting and creating happened on the home front. 

Saturday did bring this to completion though. Hey, my old boss would be happy to know that I got to cross it off my task list…


I did try out some new recipes from one of my newest most favourite cookbooks:


to make some dips for a visit by my friend Rima and her son. We had a lovely time followed by some tobogganing in the local park at dusk. 

Today, I'm off to the studio for some new creations. If you are interested to follow my artistic pursuits, check it out over at my painting blog: Monika Aebischer – Inside the Studio. I decided to split my blog into one for my regular clients and one for you. If you are here, you can link over there, but they will not get a link to this place. 

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