Just a Medley of 2009

In order to get some review of 2009, for posterities sake, I will post some images of this year that is fast and furiously coming to a close.

Okay, it's a bit mixed up, but here is a picture that I just found of Huxley and I at Halloween 2009. We had to get some shopping done on the 31st in the afternoon and decided to dress up… unlike other years, besides a toddler in her stroller, and the girls in the toy store, we didn't see anybody else dressed up. Yet the day before, at Huxley's school, most of the other children where dressed up (yet Huxley wasn't)… it is rather hard to be in tune with the rest of the world…



He wanted to be a knight again, but with a light saber, and a scabbard for it and his sword. I on the other hand just combined items from the sewing room, the closet and the living room. He's the knight, I'm his handmaiden. 

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