Lost my Rhythm

At the beginning of the year I had a very nice rhythm going with getting up, putting the pictures from the camera onto the 'puter, writing a blog entry and still leaving the house in time to get to the studio early. These past few weeks, the rhythm has been more like an anti-rhythm. Wishful thinking. Fantasy. Just not happening. 


So please forgive my lack in posting. There has been creativity behind the scenes and lots is planned for the next weeks and even more for the warmer months when I can work outside in the back yard (and I'm not only talking about gardening). 


When I was looking for a portrait picture for a web piece I need to submit to a website of the Swiss-consulate, I came across images of the first quilt I have ever done. So better than showing nothing is showing something you have not see before. 


It was a baby quilt for a little one named Om. She just celebrated her 2nd birthday a few weeks ago, so this was created over a year ago. I had sewn the top from japanese designer whose name I don't remember, that I purchased in New York at Purl Soho as a set of fat quarters. But when I washed the fabric it to partially stained by a bit of red that was in another fabric also in the machine. It was not a very obvious thing, but enough that I had to cut and trim out every single fat quarter. I was left with a lot of different size squares and rectangles. Hence the designing part was simply to try and sew all the good bits together into a semi coherent fabric with a bit of solid orange cotton and some bird fabric from Ikea thrown in. The backing and the binding fabric is also from Ikea and I used the circles of the trees as the quilting pattern. I sewed the circles freehand and with a purposeful roughness to them. Although I admire precision quilting greatly, I'm an interpretive soul.
"Om" about 42" x 42" finished fall 2007 

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