This past weekend was my birthday present  – spending time with my family on the Bruce Peninsula, a place where I have lost part of my soul but also found it in the first place. The last time I was up there was in 2002 when Richard and I still had a very new relationship. We both remembered walking along the trail just after climbing back out of the the grotto looking at each other and saying almost simultaneously "this is why we would love to have a child – to show this to her/him". It took us only 8 years to go back. But this year we made it happen.  

The most memorable events this time was all three of us getting soaked…


 Huxley at Singing Sands


Huxley at Fathom Five Look-out

The shot just before it got Richard at Fathom Five.. he heard it coming but was not fast enough… (giggle)…

And I of course got the biggest and best one… soaked my clothes through and through.. ah, the forces of nature. 

Today, a day of celebration for me, as it is my Birthday. The plan, already partially realized: reading in bed after awakening, breakfast outside prepared by hubby, snuggles with Huxley on the couch (his request). Now, off to the market to buy peaches to put up, then to the studio to get some work done (while Huxley will work on a spear for himself), lunch with my boy, home in the afternoon and another piece of Birthday cake. Why another piece you might ask… well… having been born at 1:45am in Switzerland, we traditionally have some festivities starting at 6:45pm on the 23rd… ) nothing beats a 30 hour birthday party… Right….

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