The Working Weekend

Once, a very, very long time ago I used to have weekends, a time where all I had to do was relax and maybe some groceries, laundry and relax some more. However, with the advent of self-employment, my own studio, various projects, that kind of schedule just went out the doors. My husband too works for himself, albeit from home. So every Thursday/Friday we have the usual discussion of who gets to work on what. Before we had Huxley it was simply a conversation about when we would do something together, going for a hike perhaps, or a movie, dinner, a visit to friends. Over the past 4 years though it has become a task to manage spending time with Huxley, as a family and getting all the other things done that need doing. 

This weekend I am meeting a client at the studio, then I was going to drive 200 km for a gallery opening (a new place that will carry my paintings), spend the night there, then rush home and work on finishing all the blankets for HOOPLA! for this coming Friday. Looking at this schedule I've had to cut back and the drive to Kingston and the opening can simply not happen. 

Right now, I have to make Huxley's lunch, as last night I had fresh tomato sauce bubbling on the stove and slow-roast tomatoes in the oven when I was overcome with absolute exhaustion and had to go to bed. I will arrive late at the studio, luckily there is no boss telling me so, just my internal nag that will give me a hard time. 

This will be a post without an image, something I don't like seeing in others posts, but hey, it happens to the best of us. Alas, I am intending to take pictures at the studio today because even though on a daily basis it does not feel like I am getting a lot done, after a period of time it does seem substantial. 

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