Pure Teeswater Locks.

Time is precious—we only limited hours for our fibre love. I decided early on, that I will do the grunt work, so that you (my client) can use every minute to just play! I wash, sort, dye, sort, reprocess and bundle these locks. If one remains frizzy after I put on my magic touch, it goes into the fluffiest bag. I’m often asked how to know the quality of these scrumptious fibres. Here is what to look for: •uniform lock structure, •gloss/shine, •not feeling brittle, •clean straight tops (if they are fluffy on the top, depending on what you do, you will need to trim them —so you are paying for something you are not needing). Last time I checked, pure Teeswater is only available from England, as it is not possible to import rams, just their semen, which is then bred into a mixed breed doe—at most, a North American Teeswater is 99%of the breed. Another decision is that I only purchase top quality raw locks and pay fair living wages to my shepherd (he supports a family with his earnings).